Apple iMac Repair

Apple iMac Repair

We work on all Apple Mac desktops from 2008 onwards including including those considered too old “Vintage” by apple. These include iMac’s, MacMini’s, Mac & iMac Pro. We stock a wide range of parts in store and use a local supply chain enabling us to get your Mac Desktop up and running in a timely and efficient manner. Our free diagnosis is carried out by our trained technicians, with over 15 years’ experience so you can be assured your machine is in good hands.

Apple iMac Repairs Hackney London

How it works

Once you have an issue either drop it in store or give us a call to arrange collection through our Valet Pick up & Drop off Service.

We will diagnose your machine for free providing you with a no obligation quote.

Once the job and price has been agreed, our trained staff will get to work bringing your machine to a fully working condition.
We will always aim to get your machine back to you as quickly as possible and provide relevant updates throughout the process.

All Mac Desktop repairs come standard with a 1 year warranty

iMac Services

Many of our services are available same day, however please get in touch first to ensure this is possible. If you don’t find a service below that fits your needs we may still be able to help. Contact us today to find out more.

iMac Full Service

Same day servicing of your iMac. We will provide an inspection of the logic board, hard drive and important machine components highlighting any present and potential future issues. The full service includes the removal of all dust and general cleaning of the machine. Book a complimentary valet iMac pick up & drop off service if you are located within 2 miles of our store.

Screen & LCD Changes

We have a wide variety of options available for iMac screen replacements including new, refurbished and used.

Component Level Board Repairs

Component level board repairs are our speciality. We have a fully kitted workshop using the latest techniques. We use full board schematics so you can be sure your machine’s in safe hands.

Port Repairs or Replacment

Having problems with your USB’s, Firewires? HDMI not displaying properly? We can repair or replace all kinds of ports on your machine.

Cable Replacement

We can replace all internal cables to ensure smooth operation of your device.

SSD (Solid State Drive) Upgrade

Is your machine slow and sluggish? This is likely to be due to the outdated hard drive ticking away under the hood. SSD’s are 3-10 times quicker than a traditional Hard Drive and can breathe life back into your machine and prolong the life of your MacBook. We can also increase the storage size of most existing SSD Drives.

RAM Upgrade

Looking to get more out of your work horse? You may need additional RAM allowing bigger tasks to be carried out. Get in touch to see which machines can be upgraded and how.

Software Problems

Buggy operating systems and software can be a major hinderance. They can be a main cause of the 'Spinning Wheel'. Bring your machine in and we will assess your software with a free diagnosis.

Data Recovery

We can recover data from most failing Hard drives in-house using the latest software, including deleted files and lost data. If your machine is broken and you need your data, we have you covered.

GPU Faults

Machine Not Loading? Getting lines across the screen? These are all common symptoms of a failed graphics card. We offer repair’s or replacement for your graphics card all with a 1 year warranty.

Power Issues

Power problems are a very common problem we see in Apple Desktops. Our expertise allows us to diagnose these types of faults quickly and replace the damaged parts as needed.

Complimentary iMac Valet Pick up & Drop off service within a 2 mile radius

Apple Repairs UK Valet Service* Our complimentary pick up and drop off service is offered to customers located within a 2 mile radius of our store.
Items collected further a field incur a minimum £12.99 charge each way (This includes our free diagnostics). Valet service excludes iPhones, iPads & iWatches.

Revive from the inside out

We offer a full range of iMac performance upgrades that are available for Apple models from 2008 until present. From replacing tired cables, to installing new SSD Drives and RAM upgrades. We can get your machine performing well again.

Apple iMac Repairs UK Hackney London

Upgrade & rejuvinate your iMac

Is your machine slow and sluggish? This is likely to be due to the old outdated Hard Drive ticking away under the hood of your laptop. SSD’s are 3 to 10 times quicker than traditional Hard Drive’s and can breathe life into your machine. Looking to get more out of your work horse? You may need additional RAM allowing bigger tasks to be carried out. Get in touch to see if your iMac can be upgraded and prolong the life of your Mac today.

“Graphic card repaired on iMac - Diagnosed the problem quickly offered very good value for the repair with 1 year warranty. Reliable, honest and friendly service, even delivered the repaired and fully working mac to my home for no additional charge - exceptional customer service.”
Michael G
Google Review 2019
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